CBT Nuggets Virtual Lab: Labs 4, 6, and 7
To complete your lab and lab reports, see this week’s lab report guide. Each report is tailored to the specific labs assigned:
Week 1 Lab Report [PDF].
Click each link below and then Launch Virtual Lab on the CBT Nuggets page that appears to launch the following labs:
4. Getting Started with 70-761 (no lab report required).
6. Writing Basic SELECT Queries.
7. Filtering Results.
How to Submit Your Lab Reports
To successfully submit your lab results, follow these directions:
Complete the CBT Nuggets Virtual Labs assigned this week.
Take screenshots of your results as prescribed by the lab report guide.
Collect your screenshots for the week’s labs into a single report using the guide provided.
Don’t forget to “sign” each lab part. The first line in the SQL Window must be a comment with your Name, Student ID, and Lab number.
Submit your report to this assignment.

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