SNACK FOOD COMPANY GUIDELINES • You must build your business plan using the information includedwithin these guidelines.You can add to this information as needed. • You will create a business plan for a company operating in the snack food industry. • The instructor will approve yourcompany in a reply to yourWeek 1 discussion post in which you will describe this business.You will revise your

work based on feedback provided. • You will be the CEO of the new business. • You will develop the business plan with the intention to raise funds and increase sales.

Key Business Plan Parameters

Key Parameter Explanation Business Size You are a startup not yet in operation. You have the recipe for the snack, and you have been operating from your home, but sales

are small. You were selling the product for $3 per item at a cost of $1. You will develop the business plan with the intention to raise funds and increase sales. Your sales must be over $1 million by the end of the second year.

Product You must focus on a snack. You decide what the snack will be and whether it will be sold in individual sizes or wholesale. The Snack Food industry produces snack foods, such as potato and corn chips, pretzels, roasted and salted nuts, nut butters, popcorn and other similar snacks.

Market Size You will start marketing and selling the product in your geographical area within a 100-mile radius from your home.

Existing Funds You received $50,000 from your grandmother as a gift, and you borrowed $30,000 from your family and friends.

Intention to Raise Money

To grow the business further, you will need funds from outside investors, either angels, venture capitalists, a group of individual investors on Kickstarter.

Facility You will rent.

Employees You will have employees, and you will develop your own organizational hierarchy.

Annual CEO Salary

As CEO your salary will be $60,000 the first year, $120,000 the second year, and finally adjusted to $160,000 for all remaining years in the position.


Specific Business Details This table identifies specific details you must use for your snack company business plan. Reflect any costs in your business plannarrative and in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template. The final column specifies the specific worksheet within the Business Plan Financials Excel Template where you need to input data.

Item Worksheet Within the Business Plan Financials Excel Template EQUIPMENT PURCHASES AT THE START OF THE BUSINESS AND AS THE BUSINESS GROWS

• 2 machines to produce and package the product @ $10,000 each; about 50 bags per minute each

• 2 vans for distribution @ $15,000 each • 3 computers @ $1,400 each • Software for inventory, payments, and customer accounts management • Printer

Capital Expenditures Worksheet

PERSONNEL Current Personnel

• CEO (you) • 1 part-time production worker @ $15.00/hour (20 hours/week) • 1 IT support person @ $25.00/hour (20 hours/week) • 1 paid consultant (your neighbor); retired executive in the snack food

industryConsiderations: Your goal is to reach sales of over $1 million by the end of the second year. You will need to hire additional personnel to meet this goal. Potential additional hiresinclude: • 2 production line foremen • Production employees (more than one shift)

o Business size of business will determine number • Maintenance staff

o Business size will determine number • Additional employees according to your preferences

Staff Budget Worksheet


Item Worksheet Within he Business Plan Financials Excel Template BUSINESS EXPENSES Marketing ExpensesProfessional Services

• Consultant (your neighbor); 1st year only • Attorney • Accountant • Industry specialist

Inventory Purchases (as needed)Additional Expenses

• Telephone/fax • Business insurance • Office supplies • Mailings and postage • Building maintenance • Utilities, including

o Water/sewer o Gas o Electricity o Trash removal

Marketing Budget WorksheetProfessional Services Worksheet

Inventory Worksheet Income Statement Worksheet


• Balance in the bank • Gift from grandmother • Loan from relatives and friends

o This is to be paid by the end of the second year of operation with 5% interest.

Future Funds You will need to raise funds from investors. You will determine this based on how much you plan to grow the business.Reminder:

• You will need to pay taxes. • You will determine sales projections.

Capital Investments Worksheet

Cash Flow Statement Worksheet Sales Projections Worksheet


Guide to Complete the Business Plan Financials Excel Template The Business Plan Financials Excel Template is the base pro-forma financial statement for your business. Complete the worksheets in order.

Worksheet Data Entry Worksheet #1: Set Up and Assumptions Line 9–Enter the month the academic quarter starts.

Line 12—Enter the year the academic quarter starts. Line 15–Enter 2; you choose the number of product lines you will have up to 10 lines.Line 21—Standard default is 30 days; you may adjust this for your business.Line 43—Enter $15,000; this is the money you currently have in the bank.

Worksheet #2: Sales Projections Speculate how much your company will grow and how much you will sell. Reflect this information in the Operations Section of your Business Plan (Week 5 Discussion and Week 8 Assignment). You need to reach sales of over $1 million by the end of the second year.

Worksheet #3: Inventory (Adjust These Figures Line 7– Enter the cost of ingredients.As Needed) Line 8—Enter the cost of bags.

Line 9—Enter the cost of cartons to package the products. Repeat these three lines for each product line.

Worksheet #4: Capital Expenditures (applies to purchased NOT leased equipment)

Insert the cost of the equipment, vehicles, computers, et cetera, you decide to purchase.

Worksheet #5: Staffing Budget Account for every paid employee using the appropriate lines for the six categories of employees

1. Management 2. Administrative/Support 3. Sales/Marketing 4. Operations/Production 5. Other 6. Part-Time/Hourly

Indicate when their employment will start according to the Operations and Management and Organization sections of your business plan.

Worksheet #6: Marketing Budget Enter the cost for the marketing vehicles you plan to use. (Discussion 4 and Assignments 2 and 3).

Worksheet #7: Professional Services Line 6—Enter $3,000.00. Line 7–Enter $2,500.00. Line 9—Enter $2,000.00 Line 11—Enter $10,000.00 (first year only)


Worksheet Data Entry Worksheet #8 Capital Investments Worksheet Equity Capital Investments

Line 6—Gift—Enter $50,000.00. Loans (Friends and Family)Line 24–$30,000 Note: The loan period = 24 months; interest rate = 5%

Worksheet #9: Income Statement Enter the cost of your expenses; see Business Expenses in the table that appears underthe Specific Business Details section of these guidelines.

Worksheet #10: Cash Flow Statement Pay off taxes. Worksheet #11: Balance Sheet This will automatically populate from the other completed worksheets.


Resources on the Snack Food Industry

These resources are a good starting point for you as being researching the snack food industry.

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  • Key Business Plan Parameters
  • Specific Business Details
  • Guide to Complete the Business Plan Financials Excel Template
  • Resources on the Snack Food Industry

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