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Team Planning Worksheet


PART 1: Review the business problem and team member profiles within the Team Planning Activity. Then fill in the charts below to select the team members for the problem-solving team, create a team communication plan, and answer the questions about delegating responsibilities and resolving conflict.

PART 2: Select three members to be part of the team and give the rationale for each of your decisions. Don’t forget to include the 4th team member assigned by your manager.


Current department

Explain the reasons for including this specific functional area in an organizational teamin terms of the advantages offered.

What role would this individual fill on the team?

Example: Owen Davidson

Example: Distribution, Truck Driver

Example: It is essential to get the perspective of the Operations functional area and ensure the supply chain team is involved in the problem-solving since they will be the ones that will have to implement the solution.

Example: Owen is known as a team player, and because of all his connections, he will be the team’s information gatherer.

Team Member 1:

Team Member 2:

Team Member 3:

Assigned Team Member 4:

PART 3: Create a communication plan that includes recommendations for how the team will connect daily, weekly, and over the course of the project. Include innovative, reliable technology strategies where possible. Use proper spelling and grammar. Your plan should be 1–2 paragraphs.

PART 4: Solving the Business Problem and Delegating Tasks

Business Problem

The logistics function (warehousing, trucking, inventory, etc.) is having a problem with channels of distribution. Some customers have recently complained that their orders are delayed 2-3 weeks, while others have praised the company for delivering the orders in advance. It will require a cross-functional team to study and problem-solve the situation.

List the steps to solve the distribution problem and then select team members who could be responsible for the task based on their business skills and soft skills.



Team member(s)

List business skills from their function

Describe effective team characteristics and explain how those characteristics would support a team effort


Identify and define the problem, gather information


Example: List members and their work-related strengths that will help define the problem.

Example: Owen—knowledge of inventory from the trucking perspective, understands the delivery schedule problems.

List soft skills that will help accomplish this task.

Example: Owen—understands the problem from the customer’s perspective from delivery problems. He is a team player and can see all sides of a problem.





PART 5: Conflict Resolution

Describe strategies that will be used to avoid and resolve conflicts between members of the team.

· Also consider the consequences of not addressing the conflict.

Use proper spelling and grammar. Your response should be 1–2 paragraphs.

PART 6: Conclusion

Summarize how your plan will result in an effective team that will contribute to organizational success. Use proper spelling and grammar. Your summary should be 1–2 paragraphs.



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