Chapter 11 lecture and PPTs
DO not use the comapny walmart or Toys ‘R Us
Provide a picture of the product you selected. (1 point)
Document components of its three layers as discussed in the product concept lecture notes. (5 points)
List two other tangible and two other intangible components of your product not listed in the previous question. (2 points)
The lecture introduced four ways how marketers can leverage the equity of a brand. Provide one specific example of how the marketer of the product you have selected has leveraged thier brand within the past five years. What value is provided to potential customers and each marketer involved? (7.5 points)
We discussed different aspects of branding. Describe a manner in which this marketer has updated or improved its brand’s identity over the past five years. What was the rationale for doing so? Include visuals to substantiate. (7.5 points)
Chapter 12 lecture and PPTs
Provide an example of how a different marketer, again one you haven’t written about, has implemented one of the product development/growth strategies found in Exhibit 12.1 within the past five years. How did this impact the firm’s product mix (briefly explain your rationale)? (8 points)
Chapter 15 lecture and PPTs
Provide an example of some aspect of another marketer’s supply chain. This could encompass a range of things including the marketer’s relationship with key suppliers to produce a finished good or how the marketer implements inventory, distribution, reverse logistics or transportation methods. You can also focus on the handling of supply chain disruptions that a marketer has faced as a result of the pandemic. It is expected that there is a direct correlation between your answer and what was discussed in lecture, and that the example occurred within the past five years. (9 points)
This is to be researched. Please provide references for each part of the questions directly beneath each separate answer.
rubric evaluation criteria:
Relevance and thoroughness
Logic/Accuracy of Answer
The Mechanics of Writing
Please use the PPT attached if needed.

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