“Chapter III typically includes the following five sections:
1. Summary – This section summarizes Chapter I and II and answers the question(s) that guided the
research. Typically, the summary contains citations that are repeated from Chapters I and II. It is
not expected that new citations will be used in the summary.
2. Professional Application –This section is designed to highlight the information and applications
you think are the most important for your colleagues to know based on what you have read.
When writing this section, go from broad to specific by writing about how your research applies
to education in the United States, and maybe globally if that fits your topic, education in
Minnesota, and education in P-12 classrooms.
3. Limitations of the Research – This section includes both how you limited your research pool (what
did you exclude from your review and why) as well as how the pool of research was limited
because the research did not exist. What did you expect to find in the research that was not
4. Implications for Future Research – What research do you think needs to be done in this area
given what you have read? What questions do you still have, or what new questions came up
based on what you read and learned?
5. Conclusion – This section is usually the shortest one in this chapter. It should restate your guiding
questions, and include your final comments.”
– I have attached my capstone project that has been done so far. You will need to review it to rewrite what has been done in Chapter lll so far. I think the current writing of Chapter lll is lacking many parts, including citations and various aspects of the 5 section’s requirements.
– I have attached two examples of a Master Thesis if that is helpful
– You do not need to add references, you will be able to use citations from what is in Chapter ll as you are writing in the sections of Chapter lll.
– Please reach out through the chat if you have questions, need clarification, or would like to send me the beginning of your writing to check it’s the correct structure and such.
– After Chapter lll is written, please write an abstract for the review. It does not need to be long, compare it to the examples. It’s maybe half a page? The remainder of the page balance should be dedicated to Chapter lll, only half a page to the abstract (Found in Chapter 1)
– You may use the “FInal Draft Masters Thesis” to write directly into. Please highlight the writing that you do.
– To highlight: The project is about how administrators can support collaboration between the two parties of teachers. It is not simply about how teachers can collaborate.
I would like someone who is experienced with Capstone Projects, familiar with Special Education, and competent in APA format.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

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