Chemical Engineering Department

Assignment 4 (15%)

Semester Spring Year 2022

Course Title Junior Seminar

Course Code CHE300 Section F2

Student Name Student ID

Due Date Refer to Moodle Instructor Dr. Abdullah Nasr

Guidelines for Solution Please read and apply the following points carefully:

1. Your submitted solution can be either typed or handwritten.

2. Write your name and ID# clearly on the submitted file.

3. Provide detailed answers including steps, equations, and units according to question type.

4. For handwritten submissions:

a) Use blue pen

b) Write your name and ID clearly on the first page.

c) Make sure that your answers are very clear and organized.

d) Redraw required tables and graphs whenever applies.

e) If your answers are related to a figure, mention it clearly.

5. Scan the assignment (hard copy) and save it as one pdf file.

6. Submit the pdf (only one file) file through the assignment submission link on your Moodle section


7. You can submit your assignment no more than twice. So, make it count.

8. Students are fully responsible for submitting a correct file. Make sure it is the correct file, it is not corrupted, and it is readable. Unclear or absent answers would be deducted.

9. Inaccurate or corrupted files would result in a deduction as per grading policy.

10. Late submission will be allowed with penalty:

a) Delay by 1 calendar Day – 40% Deduction (grade is multiplied by 0.6)

b) Delay by 2 calendar Days – 60% Deduction (grade is multiplied by 0.4)

c) Delay by 3 calendar Days or more – zero grade. No submission is accepted.

Question 1: [25 points]

In your own words explain what Bribe is and give examples about it. Do you think lobbying or “Wastah” can be a form of bribe? Explain your answer.

Question 2: [10 points]

Explain the meaning of reasonable care attitude toward responsibility and give example.

Question 3. [65 points]

The short article ̀ ` Comparison of four major industrial disasters from the perspective of human error

factor“ describes safety issues of some of the major industrial disasters.

a. List the major safety failures that contributed to “Piper Alpha“ disaster [25 points]

b. What are the major outcomes of this study in terms of industrial accidents cases? [25 points]

c. State two examples related to human factors that contribute to the disaster. [15 points]

The reference is available in your Moodle page

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