Choose 1 between these tasks:
“Examine the legal controversies surrounding either:
A The second Gulf war (2003)
B The Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022)
What do these controversies suggest about the importance and effectiveness of international law and conflict prevention?”
“Examine the legal arguments that suggest Russia no longer takes international law seriously. Use Ukraine, Syria, and Georgia to help justify your position.”
“Does international law play a constructive role in dealing with the various challenges associated with the environment? (Include in any discussion issues relating to climate change)”
“Do we need to rethink what constitutes an act of aggression? Discuss in relation to cyber warfare.”
“Examine the legal and moral issues Drone use raises, now and in the future. Is it realistic or even desirable to contend that they be outlawed?”
DO not choose this task if you don’t know anything about the topic.
Plagiarism will be checked.
Follow the uploaded template

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