Choose 1 or more questions to answer. Please inidcate which question you are answering. Please use in-text citations.
Reflect on the professional role you are in or will be in. What type of community outreach or community partnership activity might enhance your students’ education? What role could you play in building or sustaining that initiative? Who else would need to be involved? How could you go about enlisting those individuals’ support?
Student participation in the IEP process is important at the elementary school level and essential at the secondary school level. Regardless of your professional assignment, what specific actions could you take to ensure that students have a meaningful role in their IEP meetings? How would you involve students’ families in fostering student participation? Other team members?
Make a chart of the roles of individuals who typically participate in collaboration in your setting, whether that is your school, your field placement, or an activity on campus. For each, list the factors that foster their participation and those that constrain it. What does your analysis suggest about the potential for expanding collaboration in your setting?
Think about the school level at which you plan to work or currently work. What are the most pressing issues related to service coordination? If you were asked to chair a committee to address these issues, what priorities would you set? How would you try to resolve the issues (e.g., reading is taught across all elementary grade levels at the same time, the only time for middle school team planning occurs when the EL teacher must have a group of students in a separate setting, special educators are working directly and through consultation with three or four teachers in different subject areas)? What concerns do you anticipate being expressed by other teachers? How would you address the concerns?

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