Choose a protagonist and analyze the character (what does the character do, feel? What are his or her
thoughts and emotions and dominant attitudes?) Then, discuss how the character
relates to what you believe is the main theme or message that the author wants
to express in the story?
So for this essay, you also will need to clearly identify
what you think are the major themes or messages of the text.
Your Essay Must Include:
1. An introduction of at least 10 sentences.
2. A conclusion of at least 10 sentences.
3. Three body paragraphs of at least 12-15 sentences each.
4. A Works Cited Page
5. At least 3 quotes from the story
6. At least 3 quotes from TWO outside sources to help support
your argument. Your source MUST come from an academic article that you find
through an academic database. You are NOT allowed to use internet sources that you find
via google. If you do this, you will not receive credit for your paper.
7. Add an additional body paragraph (at least 10 sentences) to your essay which includes a quote from your additional source
1. Introduction: Your introduction should include a thesis
statement that is underlined. This should be the last sentence of your
introduction. Please make sure that your introduction is 10 sentences. A great
way to introduce your paper is to give us some background information on the
author you choose.
2. Conclusion: Make sure that your conclusion is long
enough and that you restate your thesis
in the conclusion in other words.
3. Four body
Each one needs to be 12-15 sentences long. Remember that
each paragraph needs to be well-defined with a topic sentence at the beginning
that will guide the reader and let the reader know what you will be talking

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