Choose one work of art or architecture from Ancient Greece. Include an image of the work of art. Start by indicating the key image information including the title, date, medium, and size of the artwork in the following format, which is the official Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) approved format. Then, complete steps 1-4.

Artist (if known), Title of Artwork, Date, Medium, Size (Current Location).
For example: Cleomenes, Venus de’ Medici, 1st century BCE Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original, 156 cm high (Uffizi Galleries, Florence).
the work of art using the formal elements and principles of design. You may discuss things like the use of line, color, composition, etc. If you need to review this, look back to the first (optional) module or my “Introduction” PDF.
the iconography: who or what is depicted?
the relevant historical context. This may include a discussion of the culture that produced the object or structure, possible patron and function, location (original, where it was found and by whom, and/or current), and/or relevant historical events at the time the artwork was created.
the artwork. What meaning is imbedded in the work of art? How might it have functioned symbolically for the culture that produced it? Discuss how this artwork was a typical of this time period. What innovations, if any, did the artist bring to their contemporary art world through this work of art?

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