Choose three readings we have covered so far. ( readings are attached and below) ( if you are going to speak in 1st person remember I’m a she)(1) Pick one quote from each of the three readings (ensure the quotes are relatively short—no more than three lines).(2) Explain each quote. In other words, what does what the authors wrote mean to you?(3) Respond to each quote with your own analysis and ideas. For most of our work so far, I’ve asked you to make your own inferences. I want you to continue that thinking in this midterm—help me consider these readings and these quotes in a different way. I want you to challenge yourselves, challenge the authors’ points of view, and challenge me.(4) Ensure that your response is two pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman font and 1.5 spaced. I will take off points if you don’t follow these directions.
‘WAP’ Is the Feminist Anthem We Need Right Now


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