The paper should be 4-5 pages including the references cited page. You may refer to the Chicago Style guidelines (Author, Date format) for citing your references in this paper. If you are already familiar with APA or MLA you may use one of those insteadPlease use at least one peer-reviewed article. These are articles published in periodicals. For example: American Anthropologist, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Journal of the American Medical Association would be types of scholarly journals. Peers in the case of publications are people that have an expertise in the field in question and review the findings of others prior to publication. This differs from Wikipedia in that the editing done on that website is produced by whoever showed up most recently and fancies them self an ostensible expert. Wikipedia is not a reliable source to be referenced in a paper. In conjunction with the peer-reviewed/scholarly journal article, you are also welcome to reference course materials such as the lecture, video or news articles we’ve covered, and the textbook.Topic:Please use online zoo cameras to visit the zoo, San Diego has them, and observe the primates. Choose two or three species to observe and document their behavior. Things to consider are hierarchy, social interactions between members more generally. For species that are sexually dimorphic, you can look at behavior differences between the sexes as well. Also, how do they interact with their environment, is there a coveted spot that they compete for or one member guards? Do they appear to play with items in their enclosure or use items as tools? You will then compare the behavior the primates with that of modern humansBe sure to produce a well-organized paper with relevant content. The paper should open with a thesis statement or position on the subject in question. This first paragraph should also outline what the remainder of the paper will discuss. The subsequent paragraphs should contain a topic that relates to the thesis and expands specifically that topic. Finally, the concluding paragraph should restate in broad terms the paper’s argument.Please use 12 point font, in something similar to Arial, Calibri, Courier or Times New Roman. Please no fancy or bizarre fonts, I do not want to read an entire paper written in Comic Sans.Remember to use Chicago Style author and date format for the citations and references cited (APA and MLA are also fine). Your margins should be about an inch. The 4-5 pages includes your references cited page.


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