Cloud Breach of U.S. Company using AWS Cloud
Your Portfolio Project for this course includes two parts:
The CLOUD-BASED BREACH MUST OCCURED ON EITHER AZURE CLOUD, GOOGLE CLOUD, AWS CLOUD, OR any other cloud. The US company should be using AWS Cloud for operation when a cloud breach happened.
NOTE: On-Premise cloud breach WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
Part 1: Identify a major cloud breach of a U.S. company that has occurred in the recent past (within the last five years). In an 8 page critical evaluation of your chosen breach, review and analyze the breach along the following dimensions:
What went wrong?
Why did it occur?
Who was responsible?
How could it have been prevented?
What advice would you offer to prevent such a breach from occurring in the future?
Part 2: Given the cloud breach of the above U.S. company, analyze the benefits that the organization would have if it made use of Amazon Web Services for its appropriate cloud strategy.
1. Identify strengths and weaknesses associated with using Amazon Web Services over the existing
cloud strategy. (2 pages APA 7 format)
2. How does this appropriately minimize the risk of data breaches? (2 pages APA 7 format)
7 scholarly sources in APA 7 format.

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