please rewrite my script and don’t make it to dialogue please make it a real interesting story and please keep the same names and the formatting has to be screenplay, also show don’t tell.COM 342-01 SCRIPTWRITINGDescriptionThis course is a practice-based workshop introducing students to the process of story development and writing for the screen. Through written assignments, students will develop multiple instances of dramatic technique, including character, dialogue, structure, and plot. The course also provides students with a platform for critical assessment and revision. Prerequisites: Junior level standing.Course Objectives• Provide students with an understanding of narrative structure and development• Provide students with a foundation for exploring the technical process of screenplay writing • Provide students with a foundation for exploring the creative writing process• Apply critical discourses as a method for enhancing the quality of authorship• Provide students with a comprehensive approach to discipline specific writingscreenplay writing show it dont tell


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(2) the questions are in the documents, please follow the instructions.

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