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Community Engagement ( PSA Lung Cancer )

Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 10 Submitting a file uploadAvailable until Apr 17 at 11:59pm

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Community Engagement

You will be designing a PSA (Public Service Announcement) Video on lung cancer's warning signs.Remember, your audience will be diverse in educational background and age. Your goal is to create aninnovative, engaging video that will engage all ages and educational backgrounds.

Your video should be

No less than three minutes You should be visible in the video Include a small introduction ( Tell us about yourself)You should be dressed appropriately as if you were presenting in front of a live audience Content should be grounded in research. All work from other sources should be cited.Be sure to include a prevalence of the disease, including information about the disease, diagnoses,and testing. Also include tips for avoiding disease.Be Creative, including pictures and graphs. Consider submitting your videos in MP4 or Windows Media; if you chose to submit your video inanother format, please ensure that it is accessible.You will also need to include a written (Script/outline) of your video topic.

No late submission will be accepted; please verify that your file is accessible. Submitting thewrong file or a file that is not accessible will result in a grade of 0, with No exceptions. Please donot submit assignments via email; it will not be accepted. Videos not meeting minimalrequirements will result in a 10 point deduction for each missing component.

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