Company: Apple
Topic Options for Final Business Presentation (Persuasive)
Select one of the following topics for your persuasive presentation:
Recommend ways the company (Apple Inc.) could improve shareholder value (e.g., ways to increase profitability, expand, develop new product(s) or packaging, create operational efficiencies, improve brand, merge, acquire, relocate, etc.).
Create a 5-6 minute (time measured before Q&A) persuasive business presentation using the required BLI format guide for structure.
Act as a business professional (consultant, entrepreneur, manager, job candidate, etc). Select an audience that aligns with your topic (investors, company executives, Board of Directors, etc.).
Include metrics/data/analytics to support your topic.
If your presentation goes over 6 minutes, you will not be allowed to finish it and you will receive deductions for incomplete elements.
Visual aids must include at least one chart/graph/table or other visual display of data.
Attach your visual aids (PPT, Prezi, Google Slides) to this assignment

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