Compared to the traditional supply chain, contemporary supply chain presents many new features, such as more emphasis on agility and flexibility, planning-driven model being replaced by demand-driven model, long process chain becoming interactive closed loop, etc. What other new features you can think of in a contemporary supply chain? Please choose a new feature and discuss it in detail. Linking to companies’ operations management practice, discuss the specific solutions to challenges introduced by such new feature.
Your answer must
• Contain a word count of less than 1000;
• Identify the core issues;
• Discuss the business or management problem in detail;
• Evaluate relevant arguments and evidence from different perspectives;
• Examine the relationship between new technology and traditional business practice when it’s relevant;
• Develop critical thinking skills;
• Demonstrate written proficiency;
• Appraise the implementation of strategies.
• Provide in-text citation and reference wherever required.

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