Compose a four- to seven-page paper in which you:
Identify a company in the healthcare industry with an economic problem or issue related to your topic. Remember that companies in the healthcare industry might include hospitals, clinics, long-term care providers, home health companies, biopharmaceutical companies, medical device providers, medical insurance providers, and others. You could look at Yahoo! Finance–Healthcare Industry (Links to an external site.) to find a company or healthcare sector to analyze.
Discuss the operations of the company you identify.
Identify and develop an economic model(s).
Apply your model to the company’s situation:
Link the problem or economic condition to the healthcare company and provide a solution or identify a procedure for arriving at a solution.
Demonstrate your understanding of the operations and the products/services of the company you chose and explain how the model and/or economic concepts are applicable to decision-making processes within the organization.
Link the theoretical concept to an application within the healthcare industry—this is the key to this assignment.

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