Provide a PowerPoint presentation of five -six  slides:
1) Title page: Name of study
2) Identification of Problem and hypothesis
3) Aim/ Purpose and research question
4 & 5 ) Proposed Methodology  Design, setting, sample and  data to be collected.
6)  References

See Topic below:

Big Problem: CHF is one of the leading causes of death
Current Discrepancy: Education on disease process and prevention of readmission should be done for patients who are at risk for CHF exacerbation needs education upon admission and prior to discharge. Education should include symptom identification and medication compliance. Weighing self and blood pressure monitoring must be discussed as well. Most often, patients do not receive proper education about their condition and how to prevent exacerbation.
Find four facts that help to build the current argument about the problem:
Multidisciplinary approach in providing proper education to patients and their families regarding disease process, medication regimen, and follow up appointments may help readmission to the hospital and lead to better quality of life (Ziaeian & Fonarow, 2016).
Patients 65 years and older with underlying cardiovascular or non-cardiovascular conditions are at higher risk for CHF exacerbation and readmission to the hospital within thirty days from discharge (CDC, 2020).
Most of the patients are not aware of changes in medication regimen due to inadequacy of medication reconciliation (Ziaeian & Fonarow, 2016).
Patients who are receiving follow up care within seven days of discharge are most likely at lower risk of hospital readmission
Research Question: Do patients receive proper education on CHF? Are necessary precautions being taken in order to prevent exacerbation of CHF?  Do patients who receive proper education have a lower risk of risk of readmission than those who did not? Is it the underlying conditions they have that cause readmission to the hospital?
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