The two images you choose to analyze and compare should be from popular sources. Attach copies of them to your final draft.Notice that the model essay has a reason for comparing the images. Your analysis must also have a purpose. As you consider your images, ask yourself why they have attracted your interest. Consider what larger questions of popular culture they raise. See if you can’t use the images to help you explore one of these questions.Follow the format requirements.Grading Rubric for the Analytical/Comparative EssayThe paper meets the length requirement-1000 words minimumThe paper’s title, introduction, and thesis succeed in setting up the analysisThe introduction hooks readers’ interest and provides needed background informationThe introduction poses the question the paper will addressThe introduction ends with an initial mapping in the form of a purpose or thesis statementThe paper discovers and presents the complexity of the question driving the analysis of the imagesThe paper uses the analytical tools provided by our text book (angle of vision, artistic techniques, and compositional features)The conclusion makes final comments about the significance of the analysis


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