Consumer Buying Process

Megan George

Consumer Buying Process ● The term “consumer buying process”

refers to the processes taken by a prospective consumer while making a purchase decision on a product or service.

● Thus, the consumer purchasing process involves five basic processes that a prospective buyer must complete before making a choice to buy on items or services.

● These steps are; Need recognition, Information search, Alternatives evaluation, Buying decision, Buying and Post-purchase evaluation.

Consumer Buying Process Cont.● Need recognition: A consumer cannot make a

buy a good or service until he or she understands what they truly require or desire.

● Information searching: After a consumer identifies his or her requirements and desires, obtaining knowledge about viable items that fit those needs and desires becomes critical.

● Assessing the alternatives: If the consumer executes the information seeking properly, he or she may be presented with a number of options from which to choose (Hill & Gardner, 2017). .

● Purchasing decision: after looking at different options the consumer makes a buying decision.

● Post-purchase evaluation: The customer examines whether they have been satisfied by the product.

Marketing Strategy ● The best advertising or marketing

approach that can be used by the organization like Coca-Cola is at all the stages of the consumer purchasing process.

● Digital marketing is the process of creating and disseminating information via digital media channels like as websites, social networking sites, email, and smartphone apps, as well as promoting that material using a range of sponsored, earned, and owned online platforms.

● Additionally, it entails informing the buyer about the nuances of how an item fits a specific need or desire.

● This enables the consumer to make an informed decision about the best goods to buy.

Marketing Strategy Cont..● Digital marketing approach is appropriate and

applicable to all stages of the consumer purchasing decision.

● Three stages of the consumer purchasing decision can benefit/utilize fully digital marketing.

● Digital marketing can aid in the searching of information. Consumers can use digital platforms to search all the relevant information relating to their product of their choice.

● It can also be used to search for alternative products from other companies.

● Digital marketing can also be used to buy a product. It offers a platform where consumers can order and pay for the product.

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