Content of the Paper: 1. Introduction: Two paragraphs that provide an overview of the topic and its importance to nursing and health care. The 6-8 articles researched are blended into this introduction, in narrative format, with in-text citation, to illuminate the significance and current state of the topic in the nursing literature. 2. Body of the Paper: a. Summarize in your own words the key points of each of the foundational journal articles from Writing/Web-based Assignment #3. When referencing the articles, use APA format. When summarizing the research article, include the following: 1. Statement of purpose: researcher/s overall goal of study 2. Hypothesis: anticipated findings 3. Sample: number of participants and their characteristics 4. Methods: how the data was gathered (interview, written survey/questionnaire) 5. Results: what the study showed b. Discuss the implications for nursing practice based upon the nursing journal and research articles. 3. Summary and conclusion: A summary of the main points of the paper, and a conclusion which reflects the meaning of what you have learned related to nursing practice and your Clinical Practice Experience project.

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