Course Number & Section: NURS 361. Course Title: Contemporary Concepts in Professional Nursing
Digital Story Presentation (20%). Students will choose an ethical dilemma they encountered in their clinical setting or select from one of the following scenarios:
• You observe a nursing student take a photograph of a patient and post it on social media
• The family of your patient does not want you to tell the truth to the patient about his medical diagnosis
• Your patient is refusing to take her medication and without it her condition will deteriorate
• You observe an health care professional stealing from a patient
Using your assigned scenario, develop a digital story or electronic slide presentation with voice over that includes Content:
• The purpose of the story • An ethical question that is asked and answered within the context of the story
• Identification of key ethical principles that apply to this situation
• Identification of legal risk that the nurse must consider to care for a patient in this situation
• Identification of inter-professional collaboration that is needed to care for a patient in this situation
• Conclusion
• Clarity of voice
• Use of audio and sound
• Quality of images
• Economy of story detail
• Grammar, language, citation(s)

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