Creating APA Annotated Bibliographies, 7th Ed.
The following is a summary of things to know when creating an APA annotated bibliography:
The annotated bibliography consists of two elements:
• Citation in current APA format
• Annotation
An annotation is different from an abstract. It should have several sentences summarizing the main
points or ideas found in the item. It should then include one or two sentences evaluating the
credibility of the item and one or two sentences relating the item to your own research topic
Sample Annotated Bibliography
Assume an individual has become interested in finding out more about the topic of stem
cell research. Below are examples of annotated bibliography listings this person might make. In
most bibliographies, the material is listed in alphabetical order according to the author’s last
Kondracke, M. (2001). Saving Milly: Love, politics, and Parkinson’s disease. Public Affairs.
Morton Kondracke, currently a political analyst for Fox News, chronicles the 13-year
ordeal he, his wife Milly, and his family have endured as Milly has fought against the
debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease. Although known primarily for his astute political
analysis, Kondracke writes about Parkinson’s and the desperate efforts being made by activists to
have more funding funneled into the discovery of a cure. One of the possibilities being held out
to sufferers is stem cell research, and this is detailed within the book. Although this work is not
primarily about stem cell research, it has sections that are useful for my argument. It points out
the pros and cons of such research from the point of view of Kondracke, his wife, and other
patients such as Michael J. Fox.
United States National Institute of Health. (2000). NIH publishes final guidelines for stem cell
In this news release, the NIH offers the final governmental guidelines for stem cell
research involving human pluripotent stem cells. These guidelines are supposed to ensure that
such research is done in an ethical and legal manner. Because the NIH believes that such
research is promising for the treatment and cure of many diseases and injuries, they are offering
the guidelines to those who wish to engage in research and have federal funding to conduct it.
Because this comes from the NIH, the information should be credible. This source offers very
little information regarding the debatable issues of stem-cell research. It does, however, list
some specific goals for such research in terms of cures and treatments. This might prove helpful
in my research

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