science-based problem areas in the Marketing, Social Media, and Digitalization
/ Sports and Events field that currently receive high attention from academics
as well as from practitioners•Identification and description of relevant
research questions•Identification and evaluation of relevant literature on a
high academic level•Writing up a literature review•Application of advanced
theories as a means to analyze a specific problem/a specific research
question•Deriving potential conclusions to the problem or research question
that reflect the scientific state-of-the-art•Academic discussion and
constructive feedback•Presentation of results and the support for these results
in a report on a high academic level
Example of the structure of a written reportThe bullet
points show topics that should be covered. These will normally not have section
headings. The actual headings in a report should tell something about the
contents of the section.Cover PagePreface and sworn statementAbstract if
requiredTable of contents1.
of the problem·Description
of the problem·Analysis
of the possible perspectives on/solutions tothe problem·Problem statement and research
questions/hypotheses ·Preconditions
for carrying out the study and delimitations ·Clarification
of use of concepts/important definitions, ·Choice
of theoretical framework if relevant ·Choice
of general methodology (survey, experiment etc.)·Structure
of the report
2.Theoretical background·Description
and analysis of relevant theory and empirical findings by others·Often results in a
detailed need for information
the need for information will be/was covered·Research
4.Results –possibly in several sections ·Description,
validation and cleaning of the data from the study·Section(s) with results from the
up of the results from the analysis sections
5.Discussion·Of method (How certain are
our results? Where do we know of shortcomings?)Of the results (What have we
learned? Are the results as expected? How do they differ? Do we have
explanations for that?)
can we, based on the results from the study and thediscussion conclude
regarding the research questions?·What
is the answer to the problem statement?·Putting
the results into perspective –possible generalizations? Possible implications
for business and for future research.·Did
we find new issues that we had not foreseen? List of referencesAppendices

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