CWA #1: Prompt: Consider either Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God or one of Aquinas’ five proofs.
Is the argument you’ve selected sound? Explain your position and defend your thesis against at least one potential objection.
Be sure to provide specific, properly cited references to the relevant text(s), in approximately 1100-1300 words.
Aquinas’ argument against anselm
Aquinas’ Five Ways
Common requirements to be observed for each Critical Writing Assignment. Your paper must…
 Defend a thesis and proceed according to the following format: Thesis, Argument, Objection(s), Response(s),
 Include citations to the primary required class readings. These and any additional sources must be properly cited
using MLA, APA, or Chicago format.
 Fall within the following length requirements: 1100-1300 words.
 Use a standard 10-12 pt. font and be double-spaced.
CWA #2: Prompt: Recall Clifford’s evidentialist argument from Module 2 and contrast Clifford’s position with one of the
nonevidentialist positions encountered in either Module 5 or Module 6. Decide which position, evidentialism or
nonevidentialism, more closely aligns with your own point of view and write a 1100-1300 word paper in which you argue for
that position.
Module 5 is chosen.
The reading material is upoloaded for you. Note: These are two 4 page PHILOSPHY papers. Please complete on separate documents.
Use the links above as well.

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