dentify your representatives
 Follow instructions given in class and posted in Brightspace
Introductory paragraph
 The opening paragraph clearly and concisely describes one
issue that you are addressing
 Issue is current and related to to healthcare
 The position that you are seeking from a legislator (support or
opposition) is clearly and concisely articulated
 State your relationship to the legislator
Main paragraph
 Explain why are you seeking legislator’s vote, support or
opposition for your issue
 The position is substantiated with current literature and facts
 Facts presented in a bullet format (3-4 bullets)
 Implications for the nursing profession and/or patients are
Conclusion paragraph
 Conclusion clearly restates the position you are seeking from
the legislator; be specific about what you want
 Conveys the recommendations related to your issue
 Provides with contact information for follow up
 Includes the personal address
 Includes legislator’s address
 Addresses the legislator properly
 The letter is signed and includes your credentials
 Organized with three well-developed paragraphs and follows
the legislative letter template
 Letter is one page and single spaced
 APA format (6th edition), correct grammar, no misspelled
words, concise, formal manner
 Literature and facts cited are peer-reviewed and/or a primary
source of information
 Information is paraphrased appropriately and accurately cited
 APA citation style is used in the text and bibliography
TOTAL: 200

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