Describe or imagine a conflict in which you were compelled to either limit the client’s autonomy or actively advocate for supporting the client’s right to autonomy. Explain the circumstances and the agency setting. Using the literature, discuss when overturning a client’s right to an autonomous decision is an appropriate action. What were the clinical determinants in this case? What was the agency role in this situation? Was there a conflict between you and the agency or a colleague or supervisor in resolving the conflict? What was the outcome? Was it dysfunctional, and why? Were there any moral traces/regrets or negative feelings as a result of this action?
Once you have posted your case, select another case and reply to it, addressing the following:
Identify and describe the value conflict in the case to which you are replying.
Identify the values of the parties involved in the value conflict, using the NASW Code of Ethics. Identify any personal values that may also be present. You do not have to describe how you would resolve this conflict.
Your final short paragraph will be to highlight any misjudgments that may have been encountered where values were mistaken for knowledge, or knowledge was mistaken for values.

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