Based on the assigned reading for this week, your initial post must answer Question #1 and at least three (3) of the sub-parts. Then reply to at least two of your peers. I will attach the students you can reply to.1. Describe the biggest and/or the most complex endeavor that you have worked on? Highlight what makes the project big and complex (for example, duration, cost, number of stakeholders involved, nature of the endeavor – difficulty level, etc.)? Then address at least three of the sub-questions:Was the endeavor a project? Why or why not? If it is not a project, what is it? Please justify.What was your role on this endeavor? Describe the role and describe any challenges you confronted.Review the key principles in Chapter 2. Which of the principles most resonate with your experience on this endeavor. Explain.In retrospect, what would you have done differently if you are able to repeat the endeavor again?In retrospect, what the application of project management helped to make this endeavor more or less successful. Please explain.Note: “Endeavor” is used as a generic term referring to a body of work. There can be multiple types of endeavor. For our discussion, endeavor includes project, program, portfolio, operation, and other activities.

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