DESCRIPTION: Fracking involves the fracturing of shale rock to release previously trapped oil
& gas.
Your assignment is to research this topic on the Internet and write a short paper on fracking using complete sentences. This particular assignment does not necessarily have a minimum length. However, your submission must provide answers to at least the following questions:
1. Fracking is also known by another name (or phrase). What is it? In other words, Fracking is also called what?
2. Large volumes of what materials are injected into the ground under high pressure to free the trapped oil & gas?
3. Shale deposits are sometimes known as shale “plays”. Regional deposits are named. Identify one of the named shale plays under the ground in Ohio (or Northeast Ohio).
4. Identify another important shale play elsewhere in the U.S. Name it and describe its
location. Hint: Some of our more important shale deposits are in Texas and near North
5. Fracking has increased the supply of oil. This shifts the supply curve in what direction?
Does fracking shift the supply curve to the left (toward the origin) or to the right (away
from origin)?
6. Identify at least one environmental concern regarding fracking (or the infrastructure that
supports the fracking industry).
To locate this information, you might first begin by visiting the Wikipedia ( You might perform separate searches within the Wikipedia for “Fracking” and “Shale Gas”. For further info, perform Google searches using key terms in the questions above.
For full credit, provide at least a brief answer to all the questions above. You are also encouraged to provide more detail if you wish. However, your answer need not exceed two pages in length. Even shorter is fully acceptable if you have answered all of the requirements.
This project requires Internet research. However, the project also requires an answer written by the student. It is not acceptable to merely cut and paste extensive information from the source website. You must provide much of the answer in your own words.
DELIVERY METHOD: Remember to spell- and grammar-check your work. Send this assignment to me using a BlackBoard message. Do not use regular email. You can submit the entire assignment embedded in a BlackBoard message. However, it would be better if you sent your written work as an attachment to a BlackBoard message. PDF is the preferred format for attachments. It is simple to create PDF documents. In your word processor, simply perform a “File…” … “Save as…” and choose PDF as the file type. I will accept any attachment that I can open. But PDF is strongly preferred.

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