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You are to write three essays of at least 600 words each (1800 words in total). At the end of each essay you should write down the word count.
You should use short quotations and references from the texts and readings to illustrate specific points or arguments you are making.
Each essay MUST be properly documented with parenthetical citations, which include the name of the author and the page number – there is no need for a works cited page, as the texts are all common. Only in the case you use outside sources do you need to have a works cited page. If you want to cite the PowerPoint presentations, simply reference the name of the session, which you can find on the first slide. If you do use online sources you need to offer a link to them in your works cited page. As this is an exam, any instance of plagiarism or use of outside sources that are not cited will be reported to an Academic Integrity Officer. Any exam that has no citations will receive 0 points
If you use materials, books, and other items that are not easily accessible to the instructor, please keep a copy of them as I might ask you to provide them to me to verify the accuracy of your citations. If you cannot provide them to me within a week of it being requested, you will receive 0 points for the exam.
In case it is not obvious yet, I am testing you on having a) done the reading; b) taken lecture notes; and c) thought about both carefully.
You need to have some sort of argument – why are you writing this essay? What points are you trying to make.
Pick ONE topic from EACH of the following categories.
The Development of the EU
The creation of the European Union in 1992 and the subsequent enlargement to include the vast majority of the continent has defined much of contemporary European history and politics. What were the main reasons for originally creating the European Community in 1958 and what were the main reasons to move to even closer integration in the early 1990s? What were some of the steps taken in the 1980s to try to fuilfill the promise of The 1958 Treaty of Rome, of an “ever closer union”?

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