Develop a 350-word thoughtful, scholarly discussion post that includes:
Use one or more in-text reference citations from your textbook readings, use APA format in the discussion and reference section in the discussion
For other personal research citations, use the APA format in the discussion and reference section in the discussion
Clearly share your scholarly thoughts about the following question.
Question: In your discussion, explain what a mission, vision, and value statement are and how they relate to all of the P-O-L-C (Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling) facets of management. This discussion also explains how the values of these statements (Mission, Vision, and Value) are communicated to the organization’s customers and competitors in the marketplace. Create an example of a Mission, Vision, and Value Statement for a food service restaurant operation, and formulate how you would communicate these valuable initiatives to your guests that visit your establishment for their dining purposes. This is a hypothetical situation. How would you as a manager manage your restaurant staff members and empower them to make individual choices, that will facilitate a way that motivates them and further the restaurant’s interests by upholding the Mission, Vision, and Value Statements that you have created for exceptional customer service and value?
Attention should be paid to the accuracy of information using either data from class readings or researched information. For researched material, please provide the appropriate citations and references using APA formatting.
Please proofread your discussion post prior to submission to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is a must!

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