Develop a research paper that is full of up-to-date research (published within the last 5 years) on your topic. This includes using citations liberally throughout the paper (please do not include direct quotes).
The assignment must meet the following requirements:
• Include a title page in current APA format.
• At least 3–5 pages of content (the body of the paper) while demonstrating your understanding of the theories.
• The first page(s)/section should cover general research on your topic.
• The next page(s)/section should cover research on the Christian counseling theory chosen that apply to your topic.
o For example, if you chose depression as your topic, you should discuss how Christian Counseling theories speak to our understanding of this issue and/or its treatment.
• The final page(s)/section should cover research on Christian counseling techniques that apply to your topic.
• Use Level 1 headings to properly separate these sections.
• A reference page in current APA format with at least 4 scholarly sources and the Bible.
• An abstract is not required.
• Emphasize quality before quantity.
• Follow current APA guidelines throughout the paper.
• Your paper must be typed, be double-spaced, and use a current APA approved font.
• Must cite at least 4 scholarly references in addition to the Bible. The textbook is not considered one of the 4 required scholarly sources. The sources used should be the sources chosen for the Research Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment unless they did not meet the requirements (refer back to grading notes on your Research Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment). The list of sources may be changed if needed, just be sure they still meet the source requirements.
• No direct quotes but uses paraphrasing with citations.
• Refrain from writing personal opinion and do not use first-person in your writing.
• Your paper will be graded on the basis of clarity, flow, use of resources, interpretations, and conclusions; see the Research Paper: Final Grading Rubric for more specific parameters.
• Written in 3rd person (no I/we/you).
Our textbook is: Caring for People God’s Way

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