Discuss, critique, and analyze the folllowing information for the chosen group, where relevant. Day-to day life style, living condition, treatment by others within their society, how they are viewed within their culture, any religious or cultural significance they have, risks or dangers they experience, benefits and cons of the lifestyle, whether their behavior is legal or not, and commonness of the practice within the culture. Make sure to use unique terms specific to this group and or psychology where needed. Remember, whenever introducing a new term, define it for your readrer first. Paper should contain the following Word, PDF files are the only acceptable formats. At least 3 scholarly or reliable sources , all of which should be used through the body of your work as in-text citations. Make sure to list them on the reference page as well. Your point of view should be objective and professional. This is reflected by presenting the facts and leaving your opinion out of your writing. In addition to this, never use “I” in a professional work where you are not the original researcher. Make sure to use statements like “previous research has shown”…or Williams (1999) noted….”. It adds credibility to your work. All papers are to be formatted in 7th edition APA fashion for student-based work. The assignment is on Diversity of Gender Around the World- my assigned group is Gully Queens and Jamaica is the Region of the World. These individuals fall into a third category sometimes referred to as third-gender,which means that they lie somewhere unique along the spectrum of maleness and femaleness.

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