In your readings of Chapter 1 – Beginning Your Study of World Religions and Chapter 11 – EncounteringChristianity: The Way of Jesus Christ you have gained a better understanding of what a religion is and how it is classified as well as the various aspects of a religion and you have seen how those aspects of a religion are understood in light of Christianity. You will now use the information gleaned in these chapters to expand upon particular elements of Christianity enumerated below: 1. Christian Symbols – ½ pagea. Identify and a common Christian symbol and explain its significancei. Consider the following:1. History/Origins of the symbol2. Important religious figure(s) associated with the symbol and their involvementwith it3. How the symbol is utilized by Christians today?a. Is it used during prayer/worship?b. Worn as an outward sign of faith?2. Sacred Scriptures – ½ pagea. Describe the Christian Sacred Scriptures and expound upon they are used in the life of theChurch today3. Beliefs and Practices – ½ pagea. Articulate a central tenet of Christianity that involves one of the following categories:i. Creationii. Soteriology – Salvation and Redemptioniii. Sufferingiv. Metaphysical beings – God and the divinev. Eschatology1. Death and the afterlife4. Prayer and Worship – ½ pagea. Discuss the Christian notion of prayer and worship while addressing the importance of goingto going to church and attending mass5. Morality – Code of Ethics – ½ pagea. Convey a Christian moral teaching based on one of the following:i. Sin and Forgivenessii. Virtuesiii. Freedom and Free williv. Treatment of the marginalized in societyv. How Christians conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of faith?6. Christianity in Context – ½ page or morea. Select one of the principles of Christianity that you have written about in this report insections 1 – 5 and explain why you think it is important to be cognizant of this tenant of faithwhen caring for Christians in your line of work.i. You may share a personal experience that you may have had with a Christian in yourline of work based on this tenant of faith or how you think having a betterunderstanding of this particular faith principle will shape your future interactions withChristians in your line of work


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