Discuss what you have learned during the class and how it will assist you in
achieving further academic goals (this answer should specifically talk about any
classes or school programs that you will pursue in the future).
o Which of the General Course Outlines (which appear on page 2 of the course
syllabus) did you master with the most proficiency? Which outcome(s) will you
need to continue to work on after this course?
o What resources did you use while you were in the course to help you improve as a
writer? Feedback? Peer reviews? The Writing Center? Owl Excelsior?
Another resource? How did these resources help you? (If you did not use any of the
aforementioned to apply changes to your writing and improve as a writer, discuss
why not.)
o How can the writing skills that you’ve either acquired or honed aid you in the future
(not only in classes, but in other settings and for other non-school related purposes?
How will writing serve as a transferable skill
 Your conclusion should not only wrap your essay, but it should also be a place where you
provide advice to future students. Knowing what you know now at the end of the semester,
what advice would you give to future 1102 students?
What is Required?
 You must submit this final essay to complete the course. This final essay is not an option,
and it is worth 100 points.
 Your final essay should be polished; it should serve as an example of your writing
capabilities. Proofread closely; your essay should be error free.
 This essay must be at least five well-developed paragraphs and no more than four full
pages. Strive to do more than just answer the questions. Your answers should be supported
by explanations which should be further supported by examples:
o Claim/Assertion + Explanation + Example + additional or remaining points
This essay is worth 100 points and it is due by FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 11:59 p.m.

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