Discussion: Assessment at the Micro and Macro Levels
Assessment is a structured approach to gathering and analyzing information about the client system and their story. How is the assessment process different wh
individual or family versus a community made up of individuals and families?
Assessment involves gathering the needed information in order to determine appropriate intervention. Thorough assessment allows social workers to identify thi
be addressed. Complex social problems often mean that both the micro and macro level factors contribute to social work cases.
In this Discussion, you compare differences in the assessment stage at different practice levels.
Post a response to the following:
Describe the assessment process as related to individuals and families.
Briefly identify the types of information it is important to gather.
Compare how assessment at the macro level is similar and dissimilar than at the micro level.
Explain how you would gather the needed information at the macro level.
Identify a situation where a client system (micro or macro) may be reluctant to engage in the assessment process

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