Discussion Question Chapter 8: Positioning and Differentiation
Write a post for the Discussion Question on this topic, addressing the questions below. Unless otherwise specified, each part should be 1–2 paragraphs or several bullet points in length.
Part 1: Competitive Advantages
List the competitive advantages of the product, service, or organization you’re focusing on: the things that make it different from competitors in positive ways.
Part 2: Market Niche and Positioning Strategy
Describe the market niche you want to fill, along with the positioning strategy you recommend using. Why do you think this is the right approach?
Part 3: Positioning Statement
Develop a positioning statement using this formula: “To [target audience], [product/service/organization name] is the only [category or frame of reference] that [points of differentiation/benefits delivered] because [reasons to believe].[1] (Links to an external site.)
Part 4: Respond to Classmates’ Posts
After you have created your own post by Wednesday, look over the discussion forum posts of your classmates and respond to at least two of them.
Part 5: Incorporate Feedback
Review the feedback you receive from your classmates and your instructor. Use this feedback to revise and improve your work before submitting it as part of the “Marketing Plan, Part 3” assignment.
Source: Equibrand: http://equibrandconsulting.com/templates/positioning-templates (Links to an external site.) ↵

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