Current Event Article Discussions 2: Social Media Regulation

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Both parts are to be submitted to this discussion board. Reply directly to the original post of your classmate, when completing part 2. .

You must complete part 1, and post your article with the summary analysis, before you will be able to review and respond to the post's of your peers.

No late or makeup posts will be accepted.

Part 1-Current Event Article and Summary Analysis Write up

1. Find a Current Event Article students will find a current news article (online or in print) about Social Media Regulation(ie: should the government regulate social media if it helps prevent the spread of fake news and misinformation?)  that has taken place within the federal level of American governments or politics, in the last 3 months, News articles must be connected the topic(s) assigned to the week that they are due.  

2. Summary and critical analysis Write Up Students will post a minimum of one page summary and critical analysis. Summary and critical analysis need to formulate an opinion that focuses on connecting the topic of government into our daily lives… into everything we do… Write a 10-20 sentence summary that focuses on critically evaluating what is going on, from your personal perspective. Interject your opinion. You should be making a statement, argument, and your personal opinion about the subject matter, should be known. However, this needs to be done in a professional, scholarly and academic manner. Focus on explanation, reason and rationalization, to provide a clear opinion statement and discussion of their personal perspective and political position towards the event or issue in their article.

In addition, to receive full credit, students MUST include a direct link to the original article’s text that they are using to complete this assignment.

Part 2 Rebuttal and Debate students will review summary analyses submissions, made in part 1, and offer a rebuttal to a classmate's current event analysis, which opposes their own OR agrees.  MOST IMPORTANTLY,  BE CONSTRUCTIVE in your critiques; and RATIONAL in your explanation of your perspective.  Rebuttals must be at least 10 sentences in length. 

Remember: This is not a critique of whether the article is good or bad. This assignment is a reasoned opinion of the issue presented and to get you to explore your attitudes/thoughts/beliefs on various topics in the current world. Your opinions are not cast in stone, nor need they be, but you should make an actual commitment on the issue, and keep this commitment throughout the rebuttal. ** remember to use real and authentic article sources for your summaries – ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC, OAN and more… Wiki and like sources are not and never will be acceptable

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