Discussion 4: Texting in a Corporate Setting

ENGL 2311 – Prof. Winter


Exercise 4


Original Posts: Follow the steps described in Exercise 4 and share your texts in the discussion forum titled “Discussion: Texting in a Corporate Setting.”

Your original post should contain five concise text messages, which can contain links.

Responses: Provide feedback for each other’s texting suggestions. Comment on suggestions from a minimum of two of your classmates. If you provide constructive criticism, do so using an appropriate tone and manner, and be sure to provide your reasoning behind the suggestion.

Respond to any responses on your original post. Be open to suggestions and don’t take constructive criticism personal. Either provide reasons why you reject the suggestion, or edit your original post to incorporate the suggestion.

Exercise 4

Using the information in Figure 7-2 (see next slide), develop a series of five engaging text messages that could be distributed over a 30-day period as reminders to recipients to nominate their colleagues for the NLBR’s bilingual awards. You will have to decide which information in the memo is vital for a nominator to know as well as how to explain this information briefly and persuasively. You will have to determined a logical sequence for the five messages.

Exercise 4

You can find the original document (Figure 7-2) in our text on p. 157.


Division of Operations-Management

MEMORANDUM OM 16-18 June 13, 2016

TO: All Regional Directors, Officers-in-Charge,

and Resident Officers

FROM: Anne Purcell, Associate General Counsel

SUBJECT:Nominations for Bilingual Awards

Pursuant to Article 12, Section 2(b) of the Collective-Bargaining Agreement (Agreement) between the General Counsel and the National Labor Relations Board Union (NLRBU) covering field office professional and support staff employees, this memorandum announces the nomination period for FY 2016 bilingual awards. Nominations for bilingual awards shall be submitted to the Regional Director, who shall forward approved nominations to his or her Assistant General Counsel in the Division of Operations-Management no later than July 15, 2016. Nominations may be submitted to the Regional Director (through appropriate supervisory channels) by any employee, the NLRBU, or any NLRBU local. All nominations must be in writing.

To be eligible for a bilingual award, an employee must meet the following criteria: (1) the employee must, on a regular basis rather than occasionally, utilize his or her bilingual skills in the performance of Agency work; (2) the employee’s current summary rating must be at the “fully successful” level, or higher; and (3) the employee cannot be otherwise compensated for the use of his or her skills, either through salary or some other type of incentive award.

The awards approved by the Regional Director shall be designated as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, depending on the employee’s contribution to Agency work, with Level 3 being the greatest contribution. Employees who are approved for an award will be granted a monetary award as set forth in the Agreement. In addition, these employees will receive a certificate of commendation from the General Counsel.

Questions about this program should be directed to your AGC or Deputy.




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