Original Discussion Question:

After reading Bakardjieva’s chapter, "Virtual Togetherness," in the Required Learning Materials, please do the following:  

1. Concisely describe what "virtual togetherness" is, according to the author, by paraphrasing and summarizing in your own words. (Please see . Please .)

1. Briefly (1-2 sentences) define each of the five forms of virtual togetherness and provide an example of each:   

0. infosumption 

1. instrumental

2. interaction 

3. exploring ideas & chatting   

4. community as commitment  

1. Choose one article from the Theme #3: Community section of the  and discuss how the community described in the article relates to at least one of the forms of virtual togetherness. Be sure to explain why you chose the form (s) of virtual togetherness you did and point to specific evidence in your chosen article that supports your choice. 

My Answer:

1. Virtual togetherness refers to social groups or groupings with a mutual interest that connects in an organized manner over the Internet. When people connect without even being in the same room, this type of communication occurs. It is utilized by remote teams in an office setting and businesses of all sizes (Bakardjieva, 2003). Business communication takes place in a variety of ways for most personnel.

2. The rationalistic concept of internet use is the subject of Infosumption. A navy radio operator, for example, summed up this particular stance on internet group conversations in a useful way. A skilled radio operator, he claims, sends as little as possible while receiving as much as feasible.

The term instrumental and interaction refer to rational but social relations. A child with attention deficit disorder, for example, went online and discussed the topic with others all over the world.

Virtual public spheres are the subject of Exploring Ideas. One example is a young couple who exchanges opinions with other individuals in internet newsgroups about various topics such as international relations.

A fantastic example of the community in commitment is a girl who had always desired to be an internet user and interact with a support group since she was in serious need of help and information.

1. Community described in the article relates to exploring ideas and chatting form of virtual togetherness. Researchers must study whether the assistance supplied in these forums is genuinely helpful to determine whether online support communities offer a realistic option for adolescent parents or expectant adolescent mothers and an engaging communication environment.


Bakardjieva, Maria. Internet Society: The Internet in Everyday Life. SAGE Publications Ltd, 2005.

Bostwick, E. N., D. Liao, and S. K. Lee. “Could I Be Pregnant? A Study of Online Adolescent Pregnancy Forums for Social Support.” First Monday, Vol. 24, no. 9, Aug. 2019.

Classmate Reply #1:

I also chose Theme 3 community and found it very interesting. I like the approach Bakardjieva takes on the use of the internet to build community  from the other perspectives that he talked about in the book. I think his perspective made me think about how I view online communities. I actually enjoyed the reading because of the stories and example that he added to his experiment. What part of the reading did you find interesting and did this make you rethink online communities?

Classmate Reply #2:

This theme 3 community resource caught my attention as well. Bakardjieva's research, in my view, aims to investigate the experiences and motivations that drive internet users to participate in or avoid forms of virtual togetherness. I agree with Bakardjieva's belief that "it is important to understand what needs and values and under what circumstances virtual forums serve."  (Maria). So, what do say The basis of the Internet community model discussed at the start of this chapter is virtual togetherness, not a true community. what is your for these?


Bakardjieva, Maria. Internet Society: The Internet in Everyday Life. SAGE Publications Ltd, 2005.

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