You must use the template for your system in writing the paper. A paper not using the template will be rejected immediately. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for the paper. If SafeAssign claims that 35% and above of the paper is plagiarized, then the paper will receive zero credit. Do not use a Mac word processor. We use Microsoft in the college. The Mac will change the format. Finally, please look very carefully at the readings in the text From Plato to Plantinga. There is a rubric at the very bottom of the writing template for this assignment. I will use that rubric to grade your content. If I don’t see all those bullet points addressed adequately in your paper, challenges, responses on your paper, then you will not receive an “A” for your paper. I will grade the paper on the basis of grammar (10%), format (10%) and , content (80%). This is a college course. As a result, excellent formatting and grammar are essential for a paper to receive an “A.” Bad grammar or bad formatting will result in the paper not receiving an A and the student not getting an A in the course. Writing Templates for Ultimate Reality Paper. (Make sure to write over only ONE system. Remember that I will grade only those papers if the student has a 90%+ on all their other work. It is though mandatory for an A in the class.)


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