Essay One – Formalism TWO PARTS turn in together as one file in Blackboard . Combined grade is 150% PARTONE – Prewriting Activity in Preparation for Writing Your Essay. Three-read system. 20% of your grade Choose a poem from Week One’s selections that is new. (In other words, choose a poem other than what you wrote about for the first assignment, or used as an example.) Do the three-read system, which is worth 20% of your essay grade. Include it and make sure you follow the directions on how to do a three-read step read (that you followed in Week One). Remember to rewatch the YouTubes and look at the literary terms with definitions uploaded in Week One Minimum two pages . Include the poem.PART TWO Formal analytical essay where you develop an argument and support it by identifying the literary elements that work together to create meaning . 130% of your grade. 3-4 pages (no less than 3 pages )- separate from the three-read section MLA format Direct citations required in every paragraph For this first essayyou will be looking closely at the literary techniques the authors use to create meaning , how the way the author structures their poem: stanzas, punctuation metaphors and similes and/or other figurative devices, like alliteration. The use of rhyming and repetition, word choices, imagery, tone, etc. ( See sheet of literary terms and revisit YouTubes.) To get started, after you complete Part One, decide what the main point of the poem is – ” the So What?” (After completing Part One, you should have a clear idea what your thesis is Remember it is not a commentary or a statement. It needs to be an argument) Next, figure out how you want to structure your argument. Look at outline format and write up your own. Keep in mind that for an essay of this length, you should have about three main points to support your thesis, one point per paragraph, in total five paragraphs including the introduction and conclusionIf you find you have, for example, 8 paragraphs, then you are not fully developing the main points in each paragraph. Need to revisit and perhaps eliminate some or combine Look at the sample essay in Course ContentWhile this essay is more elaborate than expect it does give you a direction in which to set up your argument and shows you how to cite correctly and set up your essay in MLA formatMy poetry choices are between; The Ballad of Rudolph Reed by Gwendolyn brooks or the language of joy by Jacqueline Allen Trimble


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