Papers: For the paper you will take one of the values frameworks we discuss on 9/7 and 9/12 and apply it to a social problem that is global and that we are not covering in this course. So, you can look through the text to those chapters we are not using to help you pick a major issue, though I will also hand out some suggested topics. You may also come up with your own social issue, but you must clear that topic with me. Then, you must do scholarly research to delve into the evidence that exists on this matter, which you will discuss as one usually does in a research paper. You should discuss the following: what the topic is, how that issue affects people, what groups of people are affected and how, and how someone from the values perspective you are incorporating looks at the issue? Finally, I want to know what you conclude on this topic after having done the research. This paper will be 6-8 pages long. You are allowed and, indeed, encouraged to use the internet for your research, but you must also have at least four scholarly sources for your paper and that does not include the text. This is a research paper and you must do research; you can’t rely solely on chapters from the textbook for your research. Using and incorporating academic sources is a fundamental requirement of this paper and so students who don’t use academic sources energetically will be graded down significantly.Paper Rules: {to be broken at your peril}. NO plastic covers; all papers must have a cover sheet, be stapled together, and have numbered pages (the cover page is not numbered.) Use standard 1” margins and a 12-point font. No handwritten papers. There must be a formal bibliography and all use of sources must be properly documented. You have taken EN 123 so you supposedly know all this stuff. Since the quality of your writing will have a significant impact on your grade, go to the Learning Resources Center, or whatever the hell it’s now called, for help with your paper before you hand it in. If your writing is very weak, go to the Center before you even start writing the paper. In fact, the time to start getting help is at the library with a librarian because that person will help you find the excellent sources that you need to write an excellent paper. The paper is due on November 21. Lateness is a capital crime and will be punished severely. Any paper that is not in my hands when I leave on November 30 will automatically be given a grade of zero.Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the act of presenting the language or ideas of others as if they were yours. See the Student Handbook for a fuller description of plagiarism. I take plagiarism very seriously. Don’t even think about doing it because it is actually very easy to catch someone who has plagiarized: I usually know before I have read one full sentence! If I catch anyone plagiarizing there will be no second chance. They will automatically receive a zero for the paper and will be reported to the Academic Dean. The least favorite task of the faculty at Dominican College is punishing plagiarizers; I absolutely hate it. But I hate the dishonesty of plagiarism more. (To discourage cheating, all papers must be submitted to Turnitin via Blackboard as well as handed in to me.) The thing about it is that the only reason for copying is utter laziness. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the course you should not hesitate for a moment to get my help. It is my pleasure to be of help and your total right to get that help.


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