For this assignment, you will start with a “they say” argument–a popular assumption or cultural myth about a particular group or code of behavior—and develop your own argument that either agrees or disagrees.What is a stereotype in our society that you would disagree with?Read the short story “how to date a brown girl” by Diaz and analyze specific relationships and gender roles.Think about aspects of your own “rules” of a kind of relationship (male/female, parent/child, human/animal, etc.). Write an essay in which you compare and contrast common assumptions about relationships with your own perspectives. Think about your own assumptions of gender roles in society (i.e. male/female toughness and/or fragility).The result should be a thesis-driven compare-and-contrast essay that makes a claim about what new knowledge or insight comes out of your comparison. In other words, what did you learn and what can we all learn? Support your claims with examples from text that compare to or contrast with your personal experience.BENCHMARKS:• Use a quotation (“they say”) to set up an opinion in contrast to your own opinion. Respond by demystifying and redefining a common cultural assumption. You may build your argument against a popular belief about cultural identity or relationships (or against the assumptions of one of these authors). Use a different quotation to support your opinion.• You may use the pronouns, “I” but please avoid addressing the reader with the pronoun, “you.” (see TSIS for alternatives, i.e. “Some say…” “It’s a common misconception that…”• Provide a bibliographic citation of your essay at the bottom of the essay. Use MLA. Don’t forget to cite line numbers of the essay parenthetically throughout your essay too.• Length: 3.5-4.5 pages (800-1000 words)• Formatting: Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced, one-inch margins, MLA pagination and citation style, use spell-check.• Your essay should contain a title, an introduction that starts with what others are saying an introduces a counterargument or thesis, body paragraphs with strong topic sentences and transitions, and a conclusion.• One of your sources may be Ehrlich or Gay. You must also find another source to support your position, such as “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid or something you find on your own. Provide a bibliographic citation at the bottom of the essay. You do not need to provide a separate works cited page.


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