YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Choosing from our authors, compare and contrast two philosophers on the question. Present their views, using quotations from the primary texts. Develop your own view on the question in response to the issues raised in your paper. Your essay must include (1) explanation (in your own words) of the tw­­­­­­­o philosophers’ central thoughts on the question; (2) relevant quotations with explanations that show significance of the quotations; and (3) your own developed thoughts with reasons in response to the two philosophers’ views.FORMAT: Cover page with paper title, your name, date, course name, and my name. Page numbers (skipping cover page). Double spaced. Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, with 1” margins. All sources and borrowed ideas must be cited; all borrowed words must be quoted and cited. Citations in either MLA style (in-text parentheses with author and page number) or Chicago style (footnote with author, ti­­­­tle, and page number). Works Cited page with information of editions used. Four full pages (not counting cover and biblio), and no more.


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