Each student is expected select (1) one of the (17) seventeen topic options below and submit a 15-20 slide PowerPoint Presentation* based on the following criteria:
⦁ Once selected, each student is expected to fully understand topic insight (see below).
⦁ Each student will earn a final project grade based on the degree of the student’s ability to demonstrate competencies** associated with the following 7 Cs:
1) Content
⦁ Information found in this course’s textbook, and/or forum discussions and/or forum feedback.
⦁ Information found in outside sources that support the student’s selected topic
⦁ Information gained during this course’s posted resources and announcements
2) Conciseness
⦁ Word efficiency
⦁ 15 – 20 PowerPoint slide expectation
3) Clarity
⦁ Clear written communication
⦁ Proper syntax (sentence structure)
⦁ Proper/correct word spellings
⦁ Clear organization
4) Collaboration
⦁ Collaboration with sources other than our course textbook
⦁ Personal interviews, news broadcast, other book publications, articles, magazines, etc
5) Creativity
⦁ Originality
⦁ Engaging
⦁ Supportive visuals such as clip art, photos, charts, tables, etc
6) Citations
⦁ Multiple sources
⦁ Reference textbook page numbers
⦁ Proper standard citations as modeled by either APA or Kate Turabian (Chicago style)
7) Connections
⦁ Real Life (Practical Application)
⦁ Current Events
⦁ Past Events
⦁ Personal Experience (s)
⦁ Case Study (Studies)
⦁ Present and/or Future Practical Application (s)
Assessment Weights
Content ———– 25%
Conciseness—— 10%
Collaboration—- 15%
Creativity ———10%
Citations –——— 5%
Connections —-– 25%
* Each individual student is expected to submit their individual PowerPoint Presentation
via Sakai by Sunday, May 1, 2022, 11:59p (submissions outside of Sakai will not be accepted; late submissions will not be accepted).
**1) Content – the ability to effectively learn academic subject matter; 2) Conciseness- the ability to condense/synthesize large amounts of information and deliver/convey that information in time efficient ways; 3) Clarity- the ability to communicate clearly (verbal and written); 4) Collaboration- the ability to collaboratively work with diverse information sources, individuals and/or teams; 5) Creativity- the ability to creatively think; 6) Citations-the ability to properly cite/reference sources; 7) Connections-the ability to critically think.

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