Each student is required to submit a Term Paper at least 7 content pages in length. Term Paper topics are attached to this syllabus. Be certain to engage spell check and grammar check when writing your paper your work needs to reflect your being a college student.
The Term Paper is due by Wednesday April 6th. Each day – not week – that the Paper is late will result in a one-grade deduction. Thus a paper that is one week late can receive a grade no higher than C-. Forewarned is forearmed.
On-line resources such as Wikipedia or websites are not scholarly and will not be accepted – visit the Library and its Theology and Philosophy Database. At least five Bibliographical entries are required. Citing Wikipedia as a source will result in a failing grade for the Term Paper. Failure to submit a Term Paper virtually guarantees a failing grade for this course.
Turabian Style for Thesis Writers is the preferred format. Preferred does not mean required. Becoming familiar with Turabian now will be a great asset for you as you advance in your academic career as both your Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation will require Turabian.
Paper topic- God: Myth or Reality

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