Each student will prepare a power point presentation on a psychological disorder. The presentation should address an issue of your choice germane to the content of this course that can be gainfully explored within the research traditions of a psychological disorder. Examples of topics could be eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, depression disorders, childhood disorders, personality disorder, gender identity disorder etc.
Your power point presentation should provide background information on the topic and therapy treatment (based on research found in journal articles and your textbook), as well as explanations for how counselors can adequately address the psychological disorders. The presentation should cover 30-minutes and no more than 10-12 slides as if it was being presented in the classroom. These headings should be covered in your presentation:
Presentation Rubric Questions to include:
What types of symptoms and treatment or intervention can be used? 30points
Who does this impact? 20points
How does it impact society? -10points
What does statistics show? -20points
Resources for help-10points
Questions if this impacted you or your family-10points
References should be listed on the final slide with research references included throughout the presentation and should follow accurate American Psychological Association (APA) formatting.

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