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For this week's discussion post, we are going to talk about some trade-offs involving the adoptionof different monetary policies—namely a floating exchange range, a pegged exchange rate or amerged currency—focusing on the impacts of printing local currency versus using a merged one.

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Barry Eichengreen: Pegged exchange ratesBarry Eichengreen: Pegged exchange rates

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, Dr. Barry Eichengreen explains some of the problems associated with floating exchange rates,and what some countries do to try to avoid those problems. Particularly, he uses three historicalexamples of pegged or merged currency: the Golden Standard of the late 19th Century, theEuropean Monetary System of the 1980s and 1990s, and the Euro. What are some of the benefitsof using a pegged or merged currency, when compared to a floating exchange rate, and what aresome of the problems identified by Professor Eichengreen? What are some of the ways through

12 Week 12 Discussion: Exchange rates andmerged currency

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4/16/22, 6:24 AM Topic: Week 12 Discussion: Exchange rates and merged currency – Canvas – CSU 2/3

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which a country can alleviate the impacts of having a merged or hard pegged currency?Specifically, what are some of the characteristics of the Euro Zone that make it hard for countriesto alleviate the impacts of an economic crisis? Finally, consider some communities in the UnitedStates that use their own local currency instead of the U.S. Dollar, like the Ithaca Hours( (Ithaca, New York), the BerkShares ( (Berkshires region, Massachusetts), and the Bay Buck ( (TraverseCity, Michigan). Given your knowledge of exchange rates and the benefits and problems ofprinting your own currency, do you think that those local policies make such communitieseconomically stronger? Justify your answer.

You are then free to comment/agree/disagree with fellow classmates' posts. If you do disagree,please make sure to clearly explain why, and provide all resources at the bottom of the post inAPA/MLA formatting.

ImportantRead the prompt above carefully.Click on “Reply” to write or paste your answer. Longer answers may be easier to write andspellcheck in a Word document first. Your post should be at least 4 sentences longWhen you have finished entering your answer click on the “Submit” button.You should participate in the discussion board every week.Minimum requirement: You are expected to make your own post and comment on at leastone other student’s post.

In your communication with other students, please:Expand on or clarify an important point.Offer an additional argument to support a position taken in an answer.Suggest ways in which an idea could be more clearly expressed.Identify passages where you think the writer misunderstood a concept or applied it incorrectly.Disagree with a point or position made in an answer.

If you disagree with the views of another student, please:Be constructive and respectful.Politely critique a position on an issue, but not the person.Avoid sarcasm, swearing, or language that would be considered rude or argumentative.State precisely the point you disagree with.Offer reasons why you think their view is incorrect and support your position by citing the textor other sources.

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4/16/22, 6:24 AM Topic: Week 12 Discussion: Exchange rates and merged currency – Canvas – CSU 3/3

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